‘I’m drawn to talented individuals that are driven to tackle large, difficult problems with abandon. I relate to the grit required — that hunger drove me to the US for college when I was 18 with no support system or backup plan. As a polyglot and a traveler, I try to connect networks of people that share a desire to create positive impact. I believe in building long-term meaningful relationships rooted in authenticity and trust.’

Alan Mattamana is a Managing Partner at Fairview Capital and a member of its Investment Committee. He represents Fairview on advisory boards of venture capital and private equity partnerships, and leads the firm’s co-investment program.


Prior to joining Fairview in 2009, Alan was a venture capitalist with Polaris Partners, where he focused on investments in the software, digital media, consumer, medical technology, and healthcare services sectors. Previously, he was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co in their technology practice based in Silicon Valley. He also has prior experience at Goldman Sachs and NASA.

Alan received a Chemical Engineering degree from Princeton University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He serves on the Board of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, and on the Board of Connecticut Health and Education Facilities Authority (CHEFA).  He is passionate about equitable access to education and healthcare, geopolitical history, and traveling to far flung places of the world.