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  • September 4, 2020

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Venture Capital Industry: Fairview Partner Alan Mattamana x Co-founder & Managing Partner at Base10 Partners Adeyemi Ajao.

In this version of the View video series, Fairview Capital Partner Alan Mattamana interviews Adeyemi Ajao, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Base10 Partners. Adeyemi shares his background and experiences as an entrepreneur in Spain and Silicon Valley. In addition, he discusses Base10’s Diversity Pledge, raising capital during COVID-19, advice for diverse managers, and how he thinks the venture capital and technology sectors will adopt diversity and inclusion over time.

Select clips and the full interview can be found below.

Could you share some aspects of your personal story and background, and the path that led to your founding of Base10?
Diversity and Inclusion has been very important to you and Base10 as a Firm, and you have been a thought leader on how to increase diversity in the venture capital industry. We know that the industry faces significant challenges today in addressing the lack of diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. How has Base10 as a firm addressed the issue of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry?
What has been the industry response to the Base10 Diversity Pledge?
How have you been intentional about making sure that your investment goals and internal hiring goals on diversity are being met?
The economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 is likely to affect diverse managers disproportionately, particularly when it comes to raising capital. Do you have advice for diverse managers?
What would you like to see happen in the venture capital and technology space in the future as it relates to diversity and inclusion, and what are some of the catalysts that will allow it to happen?
Watch the complete interview here:
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