LaTesha Clark

‘Seeing the outcomes of my rigor isn’t just about personal satisfaction, it’s proof that I have faith in what this company is building. Really seeing and hearing each other demands that everyone puts in the extra effort to follow through on our shared responsibilities so that we can all rise together. My colleagues know that I will always get tasks done with speed and accuracy, and that I’ve got their backs. This is the beauty of a tight-knit team that prioritizes interpersonal bonds: our sense of accountability.'

LaTesha Clark joined Fairview in 2018. She is responsible for fund accounting, performance reporting, quarterly client reporting and annual audits. Prior to joining Fairview, Ms. Clark spent four years with Barings LLC as a Revenue Analyst, and then Associate Director in the corporate finance department. There she was responsible for accounting, financial reporting, assisting with annual audits, and management fee calculations for the firm’s clients.

Ms. Clark holds a B.S in Accounting from Post University.