‘I think Fairview’s culture aims to reflect how we would like to see the world: a place where diversity is respected and curiosity for a wide array of knowledge is highly valued. I use everything I’ve learned along an eclectic career path—with time spent in marketing and education—on a daily basis. Through my colleagues, I’m exposed to a range of backgrounds and ways of thinking. The common ground? We all aim to have joy and success in life that we can share with our loved ones, and we believe that our work here is a positive means to create that same opportunity for others.’

Ms. Schaller joined Fairview in 2016. She is responsible for supporting members of the investment team by organizing schedules, coordinating travel, and helping with daily business operations. She also assists the accounting team with portfolio management, financial analysis and reporting. Prior to joining Fairview, Ms. Schaller was Executive Assistant for a combined thirteen years at the University of Saint Joseph and First New England Capital, LP. She also has ten years of experience in the field of Marketing and is qualified for certification as a teacher of secondary mathematics.

Ms. Schaller holds a B.S. in Business Administration and graduated cum Laude from the University of Connecticut. She is a graduate of the Alternate Route to Certification from the CT Office of Higher Education and is also a Notary Public.