‘I maintain the Fairview ecosystem, making sure that we’ve constructed a home base that is grounded in respect that extends to every person that the Fairview team connects with. Building a thoughtful, solid structure for our team is in my bones: JoAnn likes to remind me that I come from a family of carpenters! I’ve been with the company 24 years and counting—helping design our Connecticut office in addition to nurturing the needs of our staff. I don’t ever shy away from the challenge of making someone feel more comfortable and secure.’

Ms. Erha joined Fairview in 1998. As a human resource and office manager, she manages all office and administrative operations as well as the overall provision of human resources services, policies, and programs for the entire firm. She also assists the accounting team with portfolio management, financial analysis and reporting. Prior to joining Fairview, Ms. Erha was an Analyst at Bigler Crossroads in the research department, where she was responsible for tracking and analyzing fund and company performance. Ms. Erha is a Notary Public.