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  • February 20, 2023

HBJ: 2023 Power 50 - JoAnn H. Price & Laurence C. Morse

JoAnn and Larry appeared 17th on the Power 50 List, recognizing them for their leadership and influence on the region. Larry was quoted saying:

"We founded Fairview to bridge the gap between institutional sources of capital and exceptionally capable investment professionals who could deploy those resources profitably in environments that support a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs. To spark true change, we create opportunities for as many gifted people as we possibly can. One can't ignore any repositories of talent if we’re going to build the kind of society that we all say we want. We don't care about your packaging or what you look like. We’re looking for the quality of your mind and character and the impact you ignite with those tools. That’s what matters for the future.”

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