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VIEW: Interview with Dana Settle

Fairview Capital Principal, Alan Mattamana, and Greycroft Co-Founder & Partner Dana Settle, discuss the Los Angeles Venture Capital ecosystem.

The Los Angeles Venture Capital Ecosystem

Venture capital investors have increasingly been deploying capital into Los Angeles area companies, fueling the maturation of the local startup environment. In this version of the View, we examine the long-term drivers supporting growth in the region and contributing to the emergence of the startup and venture ecosystem. We also cover some of the top companies to emerge from the area, the developing investment dynamic with respect to locally-based firms and the outlook for future investment opportunities.

The Internet of Things

In recent years, ubiquitous connectivity coupled with the advancements in, and ever decreasing costs of, sensors, computing, storage and bandwidth have paved the way for a rapidly rising segment of information technology – the Internet of Things.

The Seed Investment Landscape

Seed investment activity has increased dramatically over the last three years due to fundamental changes in the dynamics of the venture capital industry. While investors across the venture capital spectrum, from angel investors to traditional venture capital firms, may engage in seed investments, the industry has recently witnessed a proliferation of dedicated seed funds and firms.