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Retail Therapy: The Promise of Technology in Retail

Advancement in digital technology has led to the emergence of an all-new consumer who is more informed and connected. Not only does this new consumer have multiple paths to making a purchase, she or he also has higher expectations in terms of quality, service and end-to-end experience. This fundamental shift in consumer behavior has uprooted the old guard of retail as many incumbents are saddled by outdated value propositions and infrastructure.

Introducing Fairview's Seed Fund Investment Strategy

Seed stage investment has advanced to become a critical component of the institutional venture capital ecosystem, with the potential for significantly outsized returns. Fairview is now actively investing with seed stage venture capital firms.

Woman and Minority-Owned Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms: Mid-Year 2017

The number of woman and minority-owned private equity firms had risen to 220 at mid-year, up from approximately 185 at the end of 2016. The increase represented the largest ever in a six-month period since Fairview began tracking data on diverse firms.

The Rise of Blockchain

In recent years Bitcoin has become a household name and has given rise to a global cryptocurrency market. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to hold tremendous potential value as a medium of exchange, it is the underlying distributed ledger technology, blockchain, which has emerged to truly capture the interest of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, financial institutions and other corporations. This newsletter explores the ecosystem and investment opportunity developing around blockchain technology from a venture capital perspective.