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VIEW: Innovative Next Generation Managers

A pair of Fairview's next generation managers share their strategies and perspectives.

The Rise of Blockchain

In recent years Bitcoin has become a household name and has given rise to a global cryptocurrency market. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to hold tremendous potential value as a medium of exchange, it is the underlying distributed ledger technology, blockchain, which has emerged to truly capture the interest of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, financial institutions and other corporations. This newsletter explores the ecosystem and investment opportunity developing around blockchain technology from a venture capital perspective.

VIEW: Intelligently Investing in Venture Capital

A set of Fairview’s venture capital managers share their perspectives on venture investing and provide their thoughts on current and future opportunities.

Mid-Year 2016 Update on Woman and Minority-Owned Firms

The universe of woman and minority-owned private equity and venture capital firms continued to evolve in the first half of 2016. While still underrepresented, these managers cover a wider range of strategies, industries and geographies than ever before. Fairview’s latest report on this segment of the market covers recent developments, market trends and characteristics of the opportunity set based on the firm’s proprietary database of diverse managers.