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Fairview Capital 2018 Market Review of Woman and Minority-Owned Private Equity Firms

The universe of woman and minority-owned private equity firms experienced significant growth in 2018. The number of woman and minority-owned private equity firms rose to over 300 and more than 130 firms were actively raising capital during the year. The year featured a high rate of new firm formation and the continued emergence of novel and differentiated approaches.

Retail Therapy: The Promise of Technology in Retail

Advancement in digital technology has led to the emergence of an all-new consumer who is more informed and connected. Not only does this new consumer have multiple paths to making a purchase, she or he also has higher expectations in terms of quality, service and end-to-end experience. This fundamental shift in consumer behavior has uprooted the old guard of retail as many incumbents are saddled by outdated value propositions and infrastructure.

The Future of Data-Driven Venture Firms

The venture capital industry has been undergoing innovation and change in recent years. There have been many gradual iterations and transformations of the venture model over time that have impacted how firms operate. More recently, the trends of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology that venture firms have help catalyze advancement in, have converged on venture investing itself. With more data than ever on startups and entrepreneurs, sophisticated models can be built and applied to venture investments processes.

Disruptive Transformation in US Healthcare - A VC Perspective

The pace of innovation in healthcare has accelerated in the last decade due to demographic changes and significant unmet needs in major disease areas like cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. On the supply side, evolving technology and industry dynamics have driven cutting edge research and investments in diverse areas like gene therapy, early detection/diagnostics, personalized medicine and telemedicine, to better meet the demand for cost efficient and accessible healthcare.