One of the largest and longest-standing venture capital investment managers, Fairview is continually active in developing strategies and portfolios positioned to realize the full potential of this highly dynamic asset class.

Fairview’s venture capital solutions help institutional investors access high-end venture opportunities, through investing with tenured, difficult to access managers as well as the next generation of leading venture capital firms.

This proven approach results in portfolios featuring the most transformative and fastest growing companies in the world.

Next Generation

Fairview is the pioneer in developing next generation private equity manager portfolios for institutional investors. We are experts in building portfolios featuring new firms, small funds, diverse managers and niche strategies across the private equity spectrum.

Our next generation manager solutions provide our clients with access to investment opportunities with the best below the radar firms best positioned for future success.

Next generation manager programs are implemented with the sole purpose of generating outsized private equity returns.


Fairview’s co-investment strategies offer one of the most efficient means through which direct investment opportunities with best in class private equity firms can be accessed.

The Firm’s co-investment capability spans the private equity industry, ranging from venture capital to large buyout investments.

Co-investment programs are implemented primarily to enhance returns, but may also include secondary objectives such as tactical geographic, industry or stage exposure.


With a powerful and experienced in-house accounting and finance team, Fairview is able to provide institutional investors with a range of innovative private equity portfolio management solutions. Fairview maximizes portfolio value while alleviating administrative burden and provides monitoring and liquidating of legacy assets.

Fairview’s capabilities include:

  • Portfolio Liquidation
  • Fund and Partnership Accounting
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Analysis
  • Treasury Support
  • Compliance
  • Tax Support

Solutions are tailored to meet the specific objectives of clients.